There is not enough time in the day… this is how I feel every day with raising two young daughters who I want to give the best start in life.


Hi I’m Emma and I have an investigative 1 year old and curious 5 year old. I love getting eye to eye with children and giving them the chance to have a voice (plus secretly I enjoy rolling on the ground having fun with the kids). I’ve studied early childhood music with its holistic benefits plus assisted at playgroups for many years and now, as a Mummy myself, I can see it first hand the wonderful results that investing in our little ones has. With Our Young Wonders, I want to give other mums and dads the opportunity to do the same.


I’m honoured to have such a hands on impact in laying the foundations for my two beautiful girls. At the same time the reality of just surviving with household chores and juggling work commitments doesn’t leave a lot of time for quality whole child development moments. That’s where Our Young Wonders community comes in.


Our Young Wonders is a resource and hub for parents in enriching, nurturing, educating and equipping our little ones during their foundational years. It focuses on ways to grow and develop the Whole Child at home within our busy schedules through suggested activities, developmental information for each age, insights into brain formation with strengthening parts and creating a community to collaborate and support each other.


My vision is for all families to have an informative, supportive environment for parents with children to learn and personally grow within themselves.

Our Young Wonders
“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.”
~ Maria Montessori